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OOH - Transit Advertising and Promotions - Hampton Trolley Available for Wrapping all year round. Take Advantage of this Unique (One of a Kind)  marketing opportunity
Building Brand Loyalty in the Hamptons - Your Brand and Hampton Trolley Fun, Memories, and a Nostalgic Tour to the Hampton Hotspots
Hampton Trolley Promotional Packages with Full Wrap or (2) 1/2 wraps only
Starts with Trolley being Parked (Port or Terminal) in Front of Riverhead Beverage Center during Peak Months (when not traveling or moving)
Approx 10,000 Customers per month visit this beverage center
We Have Pick-up and Drop-Off Destinations at the Tanger Outlet Mall - * The most visited Tanger Mall in the Country
Our Pick-up and Drop-Off Destinations are the busiest and most popular on the East End of Long Island
1. Basic Wrap Package - Monthly 
- Features Exterior Wrap and
- Includes full page ad and logo placement on HamptonTrolley.com with link to website
Includes being featured in our onboard video slideshow on our 19 inch TV Monitor
- Includes an allowance of minimum 40 hours of Travel Time per month
2. Silver Wrap Package - Monthly
- Features Exterior Wrap and includes Basic Package 
- Plus up to 4 promotional appearances & promotional giveaways from the trolley
- Includes an allowance of minimum of 48 hours of Travel Time per month
3. Gold Wrap Package - Monthly
- Features Exterior Wrap and includes Silver Package
- Plus a Sponsor Tour or Crawl Named after your Business which can be created by you or by us
- Plus inclusion on all Hampton Trolley promotional Fliers and Brochures,
- Plus the creation or placement of a banner or logo web ad to be added to a network of approx 100 online magazines
- Includes an allowance of minimum of 60 hours of Travel Time per month
4. Platinum Wrap Package - Monthly
- Features Exterior Wrap and includes Gold Package
- Allows for 4 Sponsored Tours or Crawls in your Company Name or you may Name and Create your own Tours (must be approved)
- Allows for a Free Charter (5 hours) for your Company Staff or Promotional Team
- Allows Flexibility for Your Company to be Creative with your promotions using the Trolley as your promotional prop or backdrop
- Includes an allowance of minimum of 80 hours of Travel Time per month
* Time Allowance is based on Trolley running time with or without passengers
Call for a Free Quote on a Customized Package to fit your Advertising Budget
Multiple Month Wrap Packages and Off Peak Months are available at a Discounted Rate
Additional Ad-On Optional Packages
OPTION PACKAGE #1 - "Own the Day" Package
(4-6 Hours during the Daytime any day of the week not covered by above packages)
OPTION PACKAGE #2 - "Own the Night" Package
(4-6 Hours during the Evening any night of the week not covered by above packages)
When you purchase either of these optional packages ALL PASSENGERS RIDE FREE during the time frame you chose to own
1. You Name the Tour or Crawl
2. You Choose the Destinations (must be approved)
3. You may display, hand-out, and giveaway any promotional items to the passengers since they are yours for the Day or Night
Pricing of Option Packages varies (based on hours, distance, and destinations, peak or off-peak season)

Where the Hampton Trolley Operates all year round

The East End of Long Island is constituted by the five townships at the eastern end of New York's Suffolk County, namely Riverhead, Southampton (which includes Westhampton), Southold, Shelter Island, and East Hampton.[1] Long Island's North Fork and South Fork are part of the East End.[2] "The East End" is sometimes shortened as "The End", but this latter term is also applied only to Montauk, New York, the most easterly hamlet of the contiguous land mass.[3]

The East End includes the most well-known part of Long Island's Viticultural Area,[4] as well as The Hamptons and related resort areas. While other Suffolk County communities have long been considered suburban to New York City, the more rural East End townships have traditionally relied more upon agriculture and recreation. Residents of the five eastern townships had occasionally advocated seceding from Suffolk County to form a proposed "Peconic County",[5][6] named for the Peconic Bay at the center of the East End's geography. The East End's North Shore is bounded by Long Island Sound, while its east and south are bounded by Block Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean; the west is bounded by Brookhaven, New York.

The East End is also home to Gabreski Air Base, Plum Island's Animal Disease Center, and the Shinnecock Indian Nation's Shinnecock Reservation.


The Summer Colony's residents include many of New York City's affluent residents, as well as a number of affluent people from other nearby states,[citation needed] executives, and increasingly, foreigners from Europe and South America.[citation needed]

Villages and the hamlets of the Summer Colony are distinguished by their significant population increases during the summers, a large number of retail shops and restaurants and extensive arts community. Residential real estate prices in the Hamptons rank among the highest in the nation,[1] and, as of 2013, the real estate market was hot with prices rising for both home buyers and sellers and rentals. Particularly attractive were modest homes within walking distance of village centers.[2] In particular, Sagaponack, Water Mill and Bridgehampton were cited by Business Week magazine as being the 1st, 6th and 8th most expensive zip codes in the nation, respectively.[3]

Other amenities in the area include Sebonack Golf Club, the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, National Golf Links of America in Southampton and the Maidstone Club in East Hampton. The Shinnecock and National golf clubs were recently voted as the #3 and #10 ranked courses in America by Golf Digest magazine. Exclusive private clubs provide additional recreational resources to the very affluent[citation needed] in the area. These clubs include The Bathing Corporation of Southampton, the Southampton Bath and Tennis Club, and the Meadow Club in Southampton Village and the Maidstone Club in East Hampton.

Population: 52% - NYC residents, 16% International Visitors
Age: 65%  - 25 - 44 years old
        15%  - 44 - 49 years old
From Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend the East End of Long Island including the Hamptons becomes the most exclusive stretch of Land in the country according to Haute Living

Outdoor Advertising Services

Of all the advertising methods out there, outdoor advertising services are some of the most powerful ways of reaching consumers. It’s a tried-and-true method of getting your message to the masses, driving your profits higher and solidifying your brand in targeted geographic areas.

There are a great many types of outdoor advertising services (also known as “out of home advertising services” or simply “OOH Advertising”) and sometimes it can be confusing to know how to structure an ad campaign and choose the right marketing vehicles for maximum impact within your marketplace.

With the advent of new technology, the outdoor advertising industry has developed ways to measure the results and exposure that clients can achieve when they rent outdoor units in various outdoor advertising markets.  As with the television industry, OOH advertising can target specific demographics, measure impressions, and with digital billboards even target specific times of day.

Out of home advertising services can take various different forms, such as billboardswallscapesdigital billboardstransit ads (planes, buses, trains, stations, airports, etc), 8 sheet posters, and various other innovative signs both digital and traditional OOH advertising services. Each product has unique qualities which make it suitable for a specific type of marketing outreach, and each has a different associated cost.

Billboards capture commuter traffic; wallscapes establish your brand’s superiority in prestigious locations with stunning size and visibility, while transit ads get your brand seen by travelers. Digital billboards rotate ads throughout the day allowing media buyers to purchase specific airtime. You need an experienced media advertising agency on your side to help you navigate the outdoor advertising world successfully and help guide you toward the perfect campaign for your specific needs.

OOH Advertising Works

Indeed, out of home advertising services are very diverse and their proven power to reach consumers and promote brand awareness is undisputed. Outdoor ads uniquely have a way of leaving a lasting and memorable message in consumers’ minds thus getting tangible results.  Media buyers consistently purchase outdoor advertising services every year because they are a key ingredient to boosting sales, promoting brand awareness and loyalty, as well as sending powerful messages to anyone who comes in contact with them. This method has been effective for centuries, and it still works today.

Whether you are rolling out a new product, running a political campaign or building on an existing brand, outdoor advertising  services should be a considered a vital element to your marketing campaign.  Your advertising success depends on it, and you simply cannot overlook the amount of visibility and recall that outdoor adverting will generate.

The Oldest Form of Advertising

Outdoor advertising is perhaps the oldest form of advertising and despite the worldwide recession of the early 21st century has been largely unaffected by the steady decline which has been experienced in print and radio advertising. While internet advertising is soaring, the outdoor advertising industry has always found a way to innovate and stay relevant.

Even in today’s blazing fast and ever-changing advertising landscape, outdoor advertising has managed to hold its own. Despite the appeal of internet and TV ads that are easy to measure and are extremely flexible, today’s outdoor advertising services have the same features as those other mediums and continues to flourish as an equally effective method of advertising.  

Out of Home Advertising Services Cannot Be Ignored

Innovations in digital outdoor ads not only allow for rotating advertisers on a very specific timed schedule but also allow the ads to broadcast information to those passing within view. They can dynamically interface with viewer’s mobile devices and radios.

Law enforcement agencies have been known to use these features to spread awareness about important safety alerts or to locate missing persons via out of home advertising services. Unlike the internet, radio or TV, the unique detail which makes outdoor advertising significantly more effective is the difficulty of circumventing the message.

It is not possible to pass by outdoor advertisements without taking noticing, whereas TV and internet consumers can bypass ads in various ways. If the effectiveness of outdoor advertising is ever put into question, you only need to ask yourself, “How can you turn off a billboard?”  It’s not possible and illustrates why outdoor advertising services will always be in high demand.  It simply cannot be ignored.


Transit Advertising… the time is now!

What better time than the present to “jump on the bus” with public transit advertising?  Fuel prices continue to skyrocket and Americans are turning more and more to utilizing public transportation during this economic recession.  In the past, some advertisers have been hesitant to invest in marketing to the demographic which relies on buses and trains for their transportation needs, out of fears that their purchasing power is limited.

That theory doesn’t hold water in contemporary times as the demographic profile of your typical public transit passenger moves closer to upwardly mobile.  Many commuters are making a conscious decision to utilize public mass transit out of “green” environmental concerns while others are simply looking for an alternative to fighting clogged highway and city street arteries.  Whatever the reasons, ridership on public transportation is on the rise among a broad range of demographics and savvy advertisers are taking good advantage of it

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Hampton Trolley does not endorse or promote the consumption of Alcoholic Beverages, We are a Trolley Tour which makes destination stops at various food and beverage establishments as well as Hospitality Destinations and Venues. There are absolutely no alcoholic beverages, smoking, fighting or illegal drugs permitted on the Trolley and violators will be asked to exit the trolley immediately and may result in a ban from Trolley for a period of time to be determined at a later date by the principals of Hampton Trolley. Hampton Trolley looks to provide a safe transportation alternative to patrons who dine and drink then try to drive. Our Trolley Tours run a minimum of 5 hours which allows our passengers time to dine, drink, and ride without having to rush into their vehicles to leave the establishments while under the influence. Hampton Trolley will be engaged in the promotion of these establishments and their specials whenever possible and cannot be held responsible in any way for over-consumption of food or beverage, Each one of our passengers are personally responsible for their actions and by boarding the Hampton Trolley and/or purchasing a ticket  they are agreeing to our terms and conditions, which states that Hampton Trolley cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained inside or outside the Hampton Trolley due fighing, accidents, un-coordinated movements or reactions, medical conditions, over-consumption, overdosing, or any other incident that may result in injury or health issue. Once an individual steps foot off the trolley, Hampton Trolley can not be held responsible for an individuals actions and we suggest you allow plenty of time for any alcohol indulgment to wear off before you enter your personal vehicle, we recommend and suggest calling a taxi service or designated driver to take you home from the trolley dropoff. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you on future tours. Dine, Drink, and Ride Responsibly!
The Hampton Trolley was built in 1991 and was designed to be nostalgic, passengers must be able to board and depart from trolley under their own strength for there are no personal assistants available on the trolley also it is not wheel chair accessible for there is no room and no orderly on trolley to assist with any mechanical devices. Such Mechanical Devices may pose a hazard to the other passengers and to the Trolley itself. By Boarding the Trolley you aknowledge that the Trolley Staff are not personal care attendendants and cannot be held responsible for those who need  extra care or support due to health or medical conditions. We appreciate your understanding of our policies and we look forward to providing a fun and safe experience to all our passengers.
 * Any pictures taken of the Trolley between May 25th 2013 and Mid-July 2013 were taken when Hampton Trolley was leasing the Trolley which at the time was owned and operated by Northfork Trolley. Northfork Trolley operated the Trolley up until September 1st 2013. Any DOT numbers or lettering found in these photos are no longer valid since Hampton Trolley is no longer owned or operated by Northfork Trolley. All pictures taken were Hampton Trolley Photos and though they promoted Northfork Trolley at the time which was perfectly ok at that time, they no longer represent Northfork Trolley in any way. We have not been affiliated with Northfork Trolley in any way since Sept 1st 2013.