Create your own Crawl - Hampton Trolley invites you to get your friends and family together and create your own Party, Dinner, or Bar Crawl
Have 15 - 30 Friends, Co-Workers, and/or Family Members that like to Party, Eat, Drink, or Sightsee?
Prizes will be awarded for the Best Named Crawl and the Most Popular Crawl
Choose to spend 30-60 minutes at any of up to 5 of your chosen destinations (you decide)
Call 516.978.0261 Ask for Ed @ Hampton Trolley
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Hampton Trolley is operated by Fleur De Lis Limousine Inc.
Copyright 2013 - 2016 ©                                                  All Rights Reserved by Hampton Trolley LLC
* Disclaimer: Policy Terms and Conditions:
Hampton Trolley does not endorse or promote the consumption of Alcoholic Beverages, We are a Trolley Tour which makes destination stops at various food and beverage establishments as well as Hospitality Destinations and Venues. There are absolutely no alcoholic beverages, smoking, fighting or illegal drugs permitted on the Trolley and violators will be asked to exit the trolley immediately and may result in a ban from Trolley for a period of time to be determined at a later date by the principals of Hampton Trolley. Hampton Trolley looks to provide a safe transportation alternative to patrons who dine and drink then try to drive. Our Trolley Tours run a minimum of 5 hours which allows our passengers time to dine, drink, and ride without having to rush into their vehicles to leave the establishments while under the influence. Hampton Trolley will be engaged in the promotion of these establishments and their specials whenever possible and cannot be held responsible in any way for over-consumption of food or beverage, Each one of our passengers are personally responsible for their actions and by boarding the Hampton Trolley and/or purchasing a ticket  they are agreeing to our terms and conditions, which states that Hampton Trolley cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained inside or outside the Hampton Trolley due fighing, accidents, un-coordinated movements or reactions, medical conditions, over-consumption, overdosing, or any other incident that may result in injury or health issue. Once an individual steps foot off the trolley, Hampton Trolley can not be held responsible for an individuals actions and we suggest you allow plenty of time for any alcohol indulgment to wear off before you enter your personal vehicle, we recommend and suggest calling a taxi service or designated driver to take you home from the trolley dropoff. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you on future tours. Dine, Drink, and Ride Responsibly!
The Hampton Trolley was built in 1991 and was designed to be nostalgic, passengers must be able to board and depart from trolley under their own strength for there are no personal assistants available on the trolley also it is not wheel chair accessible for there is no room and no orderly on trolley to assist with any mechanical devices. Such Mechanical Devices may pose a hazard to the other passengers and to the Trolley itself. By Boarding the Trolley you aknowledge that the Trolley Staff are not personal care attendendants and cannot be held responsible for those who need  extra care or support due to health or medical conditions. We appreciate your understanding of our policies and we look forward to providing a fun and safe experience to all our passengers.
 * Any pictures taken of the Trolley between May 25th 2013 and Mid-July 2013 were taken when Hampton Trolley was leasing the Trolley which at the time was owned and operated by Northfork Trolley. Northfork Trolley operated the Trolley up until September 1st 2013. Any DOT numbers or lettering found in these photos are no longer valid since Hampton Trolley is no longer owned or operated by Northfork Trolley. All pictures taken were Hampton Trolley Photos and though they promoted Northfork Trolley at the time which was perfectly ok at that time, they no longer represent Northfork Trolley in any way. We have not been affiliated with Northfork Trolley in any way since Sept 1st 2013.