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* Marketing - Attention All Directors of Marketing and Advertising Agencies - Hampton Trolley is Available for your Campaigns

To Whom in the Marketing Department it may concern:

     As owner of the Hampton Trolley, located on the East End of Long Island NY, I would like to extend a unique gorilla marketing opportunity to the businesses you represent.  Vehicle Advertising Wraps are on the rise here on Long Island and many companies have seen the advantages of this type of marketing especially in the Hamptons. The Hampton Jitney, Taxi Cabs, and Shuttle buses are the most common vehicles being wrapped in advertisements, Obviously, these wrapped vehicles must be getting the desired attention and results necessary in order for the clients to keep renewing their monthly campaigns. Although these buses, vans, and cars can be seen on the roads and streets throughout the Hamptons, they do have their limitations especially since social media and the internet have been dominating the advertising world recently, they have obviously fallen short of being considered the perfect gorilla marketing platform. 

     As an owner of a web-based network made up of over 100 online magazines all linked together, I have been increasing the web presence of my clients for the past 15 years.  The Long Island Network features nearly 400 local businesses online and continues to promote their websites, web-based businesses and storefronts.  I recently purchased a working Trolley this past summer to operate in the Hamptons to help with the transportation needs of the locals and to help stimulate the bottom line of the local businesses as the fear of alcohol consumption and driving is effecting the bottom line of restaurants, bars, wineries, breweries, as well as the fundraising of catered affairs.  My intention was to provide a safe form of transportation whereby patrons can feel free to indulge in their favorite spirits at their favorite dining and catering locations. HamptonTrolley.com explains this in more detail as well as displays photos of the Trolley and its growing popularity amongst the locals as well as international visitors that stayed at the Hotels in Riverhead and decided to enjoy one of our Tours throughout the summer.

     Trolleys on Long Island are primarily used for wedding parties, brides and grooms, and wine tours therefore it was not feasible to wrap a trolley with advertisements especially since brides and groom photos are done with the trolley as a prop for pictures. Hampton Trolley on the otherhand is not compromised since it does not do wedding parties and strict wine tours, it is available for all types of advertisements and promotions, and this is why it presents a unique opportunity for a business to advertise on. It is the only trolley in the hamptons that features a wrap currently “Crabbies Ginger Beer” and was part of their promotional launch campaign in Montauk and the Hamptons this past summer, photos can be found on HamptonTrolley.com.

     Why a Trolley? Uniqueness! Buses, Vans, and Cabs are commonplace, Hampton Trolley is so unique that people choose to take photos of it wherever it goes, moving or parked, thousands of cell phone and camera photos were taken not only by us, but by everyone else, these photos have gone viral on facebook, linkedin, pinterest, as well as many websites. This is the difference in wrapping a trolley compared to a commonplace vehicle, nobody takes pictures of a wrap on a bus, van, or car therefore no chance of going viral on the internet. The Hampton Trolley has bridged the gaps between traditional mobile billboard advertising, social media marketing on the internet, as well as the web-based platform of website promotion. It is a true Gorilla Marketing opportunity for any business and/or organization. We invite you to take part in this truly unique opportunity to reach not only the locals, tourists, and summer visitors of the Hamptons tangibly but to become part of their personal social media content as they photograph themselves with the trolley as a prop, or just take photos of it cruising the main streets of the Hamptons, or simply as passengers on the trolley who want their photograph with it to keep for their memories and online photo albums. We try to take part in local parades to increase visibility and to promote our clients. Promotional Appearances with the trolley can be part of any of your AD  Wrap campaigns. We also have a promotional 19” TV in the Trolley to display ads in slideshows and videos to our passengers as they ride the trolley. Gift bags on the trolley will take on a larger role as we grow. HamptonTrolley.com also features our sponsors and advertisers since everyone is directed to the website to book the trolley and to view their photos. The Trolley personalizes your products and/or services and connects it to the good time that they experienced and will remember their whole life while at the same time helping to establish brand loyalty.

     We are looking to have the Hampton Trolley wrapped every month throughout the year which provides a great opportunity for your clients to get exposure to the East End of Long Island. Our tours take place on both the North and South Forks of Long Island as well as Riverhead, Moriches, Patchogue, Port Jefferson, Brookhaven, Westhampton and Quogue. We will help promote your clients and/or company not only on the outside of the trolley, but also inside the trolley as well as on the internet. We hope this interests you enough to contact us at:

Ed Graham - 516.978.0261

Crabbies Promotion - Summer 2013



Features and Benefits of Mobile Billboard Advertising on the Hampton Trolley

It’s a Trolley! Need I Say More?

It has become commonplace to see vehicles wrapped with Advertisements
Free Ride Vehicles, Taxi’s, Shuttles, Mini Buses, Buses
Obviously this type of advertising works for those companys that can afford to do so.

Approx 300 Square Feet Available for Advertising



Our Routes Average Approx 50 - 100 miles a day when we operate.

We operate during the Spring, Summer, and Fall

We look to be operating all year round throughout the East End of Long Island
(Except for Inclimate Weather and Unforseen Downtime due to Repairs and Maintenance)

We have performed a Line Route from Riverhead to the Hamptons for 3 months now

We have recently added a
Create your Own Crawl
which includes over 30+ venues
to choose your crawl or tour from and may take place any day(s) during the week

Which will increase roadway miles and time.

We want to Show Off the Trolley
so we Travel Highly Visible Mainstreets and the Most Popular Roads on the
East End of Long Island

Everyone Notices the Trolley
since it’s the only one which features Exterior Advertising in the Hamptons and East End

Think of All the pictures taken with the Trolley throughout the year and its virality on


Hampton Trolley is operated by Fleur De Lis Limousine Inc.
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* Disclaimer: Policy Terms and Conditions:
Hampton Trolley does not endorse or promote the consumption of Alcoholic Beverages, We are a Trolley Tour which makes destination stops at various food and beverage establishments as well as Hospitality Destinations and Venues. There are absolutely no alcoholic beverages, smoking, fighting or illegal drugs permitted on the Trolley and violators will be asked to exit the trolley immediately and may result in a ban from Trolley for a period of time to be determined at a later date by the principals of Hampton Trolley. Hampton Trolley looks to provide a safe transportation alternative to patrons who dine and drink then try to drive. Our Trolley Tours run a minimum of 5 hours which allows our passengers time to dine, drink, and ride without having to rush into their vehicles to leave the establishments while under the influence. Hampton Trolley will be engaged in the promotion of these establishments and their specials whenever possible and cannot be held responsible in any way for over-consumption of food or beverage, Each one of our passengers are personally responsible for their actions and by boarding the Hampton Trolley and/or purchasing a ticket  they are agreeing to our terms and conditions, which states that Hampton Trolley cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained inside or outside the Hampton Trolley due fighing, accidents, un-coordinated movements or reactions, medical conditions, over-consumption, overdosing, or any other incident that may result in injury or health issue. Once an individual steps foot off the trolley, Hampton Trolley can not be held responsible for an individuals actions and we suggest you allow plenty of time for any alcohol indulgment to wear off before you enter your personal vehicle, we recommend and suggest calling a taxi service or designated driver to take you home from the trolley dropoff. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you on future tours. Dine, Drink, and Ride Responsibly!
The Hampton Trolley was built in 1991 and was designed to be nostalgic, passengers must be able to board and depart from trolley under their own strength for there are no personal assistants available on the trolley also it is not wheel chair accessible for there is no room and no orderly on trolley to assist with any mechanical devices. Such Mechanical Devices may pose a hazard to the other passengers and to the Trolley itself. By Boarding the Trolley you aknowledge that the Trolley Staff are not personal care attendendants and cannot be held responsible for those who need  extra care or support due to health or medical conditions. We appreciate your understanding of our policies and we look forward to providing a fun and safe experience to all our passengers.
 * Any pictures taken of the Trolley between May 25th 2013 and Mid-July 2013 were taken when Hampton Trolley was leasing the Trolley which at the time was owned and operated by Northfork Trolley. Northfork Trolley operated the Trolley up until September 1st 2013. Any DOT numbers or lettering found in these photos are no longer valid since Hampton Trolley is no longer owned or operated by Northfork Trolley. All pictures taken were Hampton Trolley Photos and though they promoted Northfork Trolley at the time which was perfectly ok at that time, they no longer represent Northfork Trolley in any way. We have not been affiliated with Northfork Trolley in any way since Sept 1st 2013.